Toyota, General Motors, Volvo and Lyft urge US Congress to end ambiguity around regulation of self driving cars

Executives from automakers like Toyota, General Motors and Volvo and ride-hailing app Lyft had approached the US Congress yesterday. They expressed their concern over a sense of ambiguity of state laws surrounding self-driving cars.It was  pointed out by them that Legislators in more than 20 states have proposed nearly 60 bills to regulate autonomous vehicles since Jan. 1.


The enacted laws vary a lot among the states, the states like California being very restrictive while Michigan has considerably wide open framework. The executives said that such varying regulations at states, cities and counties threatens to hold back innovation, hence they urged the lawmakers to use their constitutional authority to preempt state laws on self-driving cars. They also asked for exemptions be made for development program for autonomous vehicles.

Members of the Congressional subcommittee while largely expressing bipartisan support for the development of autonomous vehicles, made a point  that  society generally tolerates a significant amount of human error on our roads but show nearly zero tolerance for injuries or deaths caused by flaws in a machine.

The legislators, however gave little indication of whether they were inclined to adopt uniform legislation on self-driving cars or not. Considering the Executive, President Trump had expressed his willingness to reduce regulations but there has not been any visible step in this direction.




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