Toyota launches T-Connect telematics service with interactive response and third-party apps

Published: June 18, 2014 | Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation will begin rolling out “T-Connect” in Japan. T-Connect is a new telematics service, along with compatible navigation systems and a smartphone app. Toyota sees T-Connect as an exciting way to help bring about its vision for smarter, future mobility in which people, cars and cities are linked.


T-Connect improves on Toyota’s current “G-BOOK” service in several key ways: in addition to interactive voice response, it features a service that allows third-party apps to be downloaded to the car’s navigation system and an online help service that integrates and improves on the functions currently provided by G-BOOK.

The various features provided by Toyota’s T-Connect are as follows:

Interactive voice response service: T-Connect feature an interactive voice response service called “Agent”. Agent handles queries about locations and news, and can also provide vehicle usage support. In addition, Agent provides a predictive information service, using data from user route history to predict the car’s destination.


Service for downloading apps to the car’s navigation system: T-Connect allow users to download compatible apps straight to their in-car navigation systems. The T-Connect app store offers a variety of apps in four categories: driving assistance, information, communication, and lifestyle.

Improved online help service:Existing services currently provided by G-BOOK (such as emergency call services, traffic information services and map updates) will continue to be provided through T-Connect’s “Online Care” service.

Wi-Fi connectivity: To make these services even easier to use, T-Connect navigation systems come with Wi-Fi connectivity as standard.

T-Connect smartphone app: Customers can also access the Agent and Online Care services on the go using the T-Connect smartphone app. Also, by using the app in conjunction with the T-Connect services on their in-car navigation screens, users can enjoy even more advanced services.

Source: Toyota


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