Toyota looking for investments in Israeli autotech startups

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp is looking for investments in Israeli robotics and vehicle technologies, a report by Reuters says. The company’s venture arm recently led an investment of $14 million in Intuition Robotics, a startup which makes robots for the elderly.

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Toyota looking for investments in Israeli autotech startups

The company has set up Toyota AI Ventures, a new $100 million fund investing in artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous mobility and data and cloud computing. There are a number of startups in Israel that are working on autonomous vehicles and after the acquisition of Mobileye by Intel for $15.3 billion and recent news about the acquisition of Argus Cyber Security by Continental has attracted different players in the automotive sector to the country.

Japan has an ageing population that can be so the scope of application of AI technologies is the country is immense. Toyota’s AI ventures has plans to invest in 20 companies and as till now has invested in 5 companies. It needs to be seen that in which firms the company invests and when.

Mentioned below are some of the Israeli companies that are working on autonomous car technology and potentially be considered for acquisition by the automakers or larger companies working in automotive sector:

  • Cortica, a company working on autonomous driving
  • Karamba Security, an organisation dedicated to cybersecurity.
  • Nexar, that develops apps that enables a smartphone to be used as an accident warning device.
  • Arbe Robotics, a company that builds radar systems for autonomous drones and is working on developing a new system that can be installed in cars.
  • Innoviz Technologies, a company that makes LiDAR, laser, sensors to enable cars to detect objects. It is working on a system that can be used on autonomous driving test vehicles
  • Autotalks, a semiconductor company working on the V2X technology.
  • Cognata, a company that builds the simulation for technologies like machine learning, AI and creates a virtual environment.

Apart from these companies there are some other startups as well that are working on autonomous vehicle technologies.



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