Toyota to invest $5 million in American Center for Mobility

Toyota is investing in American Center for Mobility. Toyota Motor North America and Toyota Research Institute subsidiaries will together invest $5 million to the self-driving vehicle research center being built in Ypsilanti Township. Toyota will also become a member of a government-industry team along with getting to book the facility for testing further in advance than others, which will be invaluable over the next few years.


The facility is expected to cost $110 million so other automakers or companies related to this technology might be contributing as well. So far the American Center for Mobility secured $91 million in public and private funding. The American Center for Mobility has been designated by the federal government as a self-driving proving ground and research hub so it can be concluded that it would be a major player in the race to build and test driverless and connected vehicles.

The center is expected to open in December and will be on a 335-acre site about 30 miles southwest of downtown Detroit. The center will have a 2 1/2-mile high-speed highway test track; multilane intersections, alleys and traffic circles; a 700-foot curving tunnel; two triple-decker overpasses; a cybersecurity lab; an electrical substation; and driverless shuttles.


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