TP Malik: Lack of awareness amongst many transporters about benefits of GPS based tracking

TP Malik
TP Malik

T.P. Malik, CEO, i-Diagnosis Technologies, shares his view on various aspects of the industry with GPS Wire

Q: Kindly provide us an overview of tracking and navigation industry in India.

Vehicle Tracking System though is there in India for over half a decade, it has yet not penetrated to the level it was expected. The reasons behind this slow penetration are:
• Lack of awareness of the benefits to the bulk of transporters.
• In India there is large number of small fleet owners who are too busy with their day to day routines. They do not find time to look beyond their routine.
• Customers are not as demanding as in developed countries for time bound deliveries and transportation.
• With the rising price of fuel products and increased awareness with the large transporters, growth is improving and is expected to be substantial in next few years.

Small size fleet owners are also expected to follow this trend.

Q: What potential do you see for this tracking and navigation industry?

The service providers of GPS fleet management in India are mostly in SME segment. As is normal, marketing and adoption of technical developments is a difficult part for the players in this segment of economy. Those organisations, who would be able to meet the challenges of technical developments and will be able to adjust to the more competitive costs, will definitely grow substantially.

In recent past government and regulatory bodies are also pushing use of GPS systems for bringing protection against theft and for controlling overcharging of fare by the three wheeler and taxi operators. With all this growth potential appears to be bright.

Q: What are the new features/services do you see coming in days to come?

In recent past, besides GPS other new technology which has bright future is RFID based identification. GPS, RFID and availability of GPRS and broad band at wider locations together are expected to bring in host of new capabilities and offerings. These technologies together are expected to bring in higher productivity and protection from theft, pilferages and adulteration. These are expected to bring in transactions in real time at wider and remote locations, thereby giving wider area for fleet management.

Q: What are the impediments in the growth of “Vehicle tracking & Fleet Management” industry in India?

As said above Awareness is the single most important factor for slow growth, however, this appears to be improving.

Q: In brief could you mention about the activities about your company, I-Diagnosis.

i-Diagnosis Technologies, is basically a system integration company, therefore, besides efforts it is putting in bringing more competitively priced GPS products and services, it is looking towards providing value addition by providing more and more useful add-ons to the fleet management offerings to make them comprehensive offerings for various fleet managers in various businesses. An alarm system for lid opening for liquid transporters as part of VTMS is one such simple example.


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