Transdev and Ericsson experiment high-speed wireless connections for autonomous mobility services

Transdev and Ericsson are working on the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab project in Normandy, France. It is the first on-demand shared and autonomous mobility service on open roads in Europe operated with four Renault ZOEs and, soon, with an i-Cristal Transdev – Lohr shuttle.

The partners of the RNAL project are Métropole Rouen Normandie, Région Normandie, Caisse des Dépôts Group, Transdev Group, Renault Group, Matmut Group and FEDER / Europe.

The companies have deployed a high-speed private network LTE data communications to ensure high-performance, secure and seamless mobility operations with autonomous vehicles. This Ericsson private LTE network, which will be live in March 2019, interconnects different parts of the Autonomous Transport System – ATS by Transdev: the autonomous vehicles, the connected infrastructure (sensors, LIDAR) and the supervision in the operating control center.

The private LTE (4G+) network infrastructure set-up by Ericsson operates in three different 3GPP frequency bands (in the 2600 MHz range) and offers LTE network data speeds of 80 Mbit/s in downlink and 29 Mbit/s in uplink.
The partners intend to explore future cooperation and are currently investigating next steps for future autonomous vehicle experiments and commercial networks.

Source: Press Release


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