Transtech delivers pilot Intelligent Access Program (IAP) in Sweden

Published: April 30, 2014


Transtech  in conjunction with Lund University in Sweden and Transport Certification Australia (TCA), it is delivering the Operational Pilot of the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) in Sweden, further establishing itself as an international leader in transport solutions.

The first three vehicles have been fitted with Transtech’s existing In-Vehicle Unit (IVU), with software redesigned to suit Swedish roads and conditions. The IVU is paired with Transtech’s market-leading in-cab monitor, the iFace – a 7? touchscreen tablet capable of multiple compliance applications in one.

Transtech has a unique position, being the longest-serving IAP service provider in Australia, recognised throughout the industry ahead of other transport solution providers. Transtech was selected by a Swedish research and innovation program, known as ‘High Capacity Transports’, which consists of research and transport agencies, truck manufacturers Scania and Volvo and two major Swedish universities. The program was established to provide the Swedish Government and relevant stakeholders with new knowledge to advance regulatory reforms that will allow larger, heavier freight vehicles then the current 60 ton/25.25 m limit on specific parts of the road network.

Delegates from Sweden visited TCA, Transtech and major stakeholders in Australia in 2011, discussing the opportunities and prospects the IAP could have in Sweden. The international partnership is fostered by TCA and further displays Transtech’s commitment to providing world-class solutions for all transport operators.

“During 2011 the IAP was identified by Swedish representatives from government and industry representatives as a low-cost, 21st century approach to the management of heavy vehicle access and compliance management. In fact, the reasons behind the success of the IAP in Australia – and its adoption across a growing number of access applications and transport operators – are the same reasons which led to the IAP Pilot in Sweden,” said Chris Koniditsiotis, TCA’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We see IAP and similar systems as possible instruments for better risk management, enabling us to open up a substantial part of the road network for new vehicle combinations. This will help us to better and smarter utilise our road network while reducing climate impact without increasing accidents or road wear,” said Anders Berndtsson, Chief Strategist at Trafikverket.

“IAP can be seen as the first application of a European regulatory telematics platform using the same box as used for fleet and transport management. Other regulatory services discussed are compliance management regarding mass, speed, dangerous goods transport, cabotage freight transport, livestock transport, working hours; dynamic infrastructure charges; traffic management; e-call; collaborative ITS with V2I and V2V communication using short range radio e.g. for advanced tunnel and bridge access; and of course user friendly driver support,” said Sten Wandel, Senior Professor at Lund University.

Transtech CEO Andrew Rossington said the company is looking forward to the partnership. The Swedish pilot demonstrates how the IAP provides access entitlements and benefits on any road-network, ensuring productivity, safety and environmental benefits around the board.

Source: Transtech


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