TuSimple and USPS together working on delivery of mails by autonomous trucks

Autonomous trucking startup TuSimple has been hauling mail more than 1,000 miles between Phoenix and Dallas as part of a two-week pilot with the U.S. Postal Service. Halfway through the test, the self-driving prototypes from TuSimple have been able to operate safe and efficient deliveries autonomously just in a week.

While TuSimple’s trucks can operate on surface streets and highways, for this project it was agreed to start with highway only, with two human operators supervising the system. This type of geofenced autonomous driving is known as Level 4.

TuSimple’s trucks use NVIDIA technology to perform onboard processing as well as to train its deep learning algorithms to recognize specific objects like traffic signs and emergency vehicles.

The USPS pilot is just the start for TuSimple’s autonomous trucks delivering goods across state lines.The startup already has 15 contracts with shipping companies and travels routes around Tucson, Ariz.

Source: Press Release


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