u-blox adds cellular positioning to get location

uBlox LEON
uBlox LEON

u-blox adds a cellular positioning technology CellLocateTM to its LEON GSM/GPRS module family to provide positioning in poor GPS signal conditions, or even without a GPS system present. This embedded technology complements u blox GPS by adding a parallel and complementary technique for determining position.

“GPS positioning works fine in open sky conditions, but falls short when deep inside buildings, airports, tunnels, underground parking and other shielded environments” said Thomas Nigg, VP Product Marketing at u-blox, “The CellLocate feature of our LEON GSM module supports a new positioning architecture that can provide an approximate position in the absence of a GPS receiver, or augment GPS positioning in areas where satellite view is blocked.”

The technology eliminates “no-fix” scenarios by providing at least an approximate fix wherever cell phone coverage is available, while overcoming GPS jamming scenarios to improve system performance.



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