Uber looking forward to develop flying taxi

Published: 31 October

The technology is changing so fast that the things that looked unachievable few years back have been transformed into commonish things. This has been made possible because there were institutions which dared to think the impossible.

Vahana- autonomous flying car
autonomous flying car

Uber is one such company. It plans to build a vehicle that could fly and beat the traffic. It has released a 98-page document outlining its research titled “Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation.”

It doesn’t wish to make any helicopter-like vehicle but something which is being referred as VTOL– Vertical takeoff and landing. It refers to the nascent flying-car program as Uber Elevate.

Uber writes in its white paper “We also believe that in the long-term, VTOLs will be an affordable form of daily transportation for the masses, even less expensive than owning a car,”

“Rather than manufacture VTOL hardware ourselves, we instead look to collaborate with vehicle developers, regulators, city and national governments, and other community stakeholders, while bringing to the table a very fertile market of excited consumers and a clear vehicle and operations use case.”

Uber’s CEO Tavis Kalanick is not alone to be thinking such; Google’s Larry page is personally investing in startups aiming to build flying cars like Zee Aero. Uber is also investing in self-driving vehicles of its own, it is purchasing Otto- an autonomous trucking company, it has even hired researchers from Carnegie Mellon University for this.


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