UK: GBP390 million to develop autonomous and electric vehicles

department-for-business-innovation-skills-uk-twGradually number of countries are waking up to the opportunities that autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles offer, governments realizing that they need to play an active role in fostering these technologies ,which can improve the future are coming up with regulations, guidelines and financial support. Recently, United Kingdom had awarded £20 million in funding to research and develop enhanced communication between vehicles and roadside infrastructure or urban information systems, including new ‘talking car technologies’ to 8 new projects.

Going ahead with its efforts it has now announced 390 million pounds of funding to boost the development of low emission vehicles and autonomous vehicles. The Government has also announced a 100 percent first-year capital allowance for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

UK aims to establish itself as a global centre for the fast-growing intelligent mobility market, estimated to be worth £900 billion per year globally by 2025.

The government earlier had also announced 14 feasibility studies to identify where additional data could help the UK CAV market develop further.


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