USA: Navteq map data to power navigation in Mercedes A-Class

Mercedez Navigation
Mercedez Navigation

USA: Nokia has announced that its Location & Commerce business is supplying global NAVTEQ Maps and content to Mercedes to enable navigation systems in the full A-Class range.  The new navigation feature will enable the A-Class drivers to experience a variety of additional new features including visual 3D imagery, traffic data, driver alerts and speed limits. Drivers can easily navigate through unfamiliar cities The visual content such as 3D City Models and 3D Landmarks and features like Extended Lanes, assists in easy navigation and offers guidance about right lane at confusing junctions.

Mercedes drivers can choose from three different systems – a premium high-end model, an entry level navigation and a mobile version.  All three are powered by the NAVTEQ Map data.

Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development, Nokia Location & Commerce, said: “Stretching back to the mid 1990s, our relationship with Mercedes remains strong as we continue to innovate and develop content and services to revolutionise the location experience.  This is yet another indication of our reputation and leadership in the automotive sector where we offer a core solution to many leading brands.”




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