Vehicle Tracking for Logistics

Duleep Sahadevan, Managing Director, software Associates Information Technologies, shares his views on the Vehicle Tracking for Logistics.

Today, abundant consignments are being booked and timely dispatched. There are speedy resolutions of complaints. Truck scheduling and alternative planning is in practice. Communication and updates at all points are available with no confusions. These are the indicators of a trusted parcel logistics company, be it a local business or a nation-wide multi-crore enterprise. For a business owner desk, we can add more to the list such as optimised fuel usage, lesser claims for missing consignments, no theft, better control of employees and their reporting, efficient management of branches etc.

These are not impossible milestones, with the limited budget for operational activities if there are committed efforts from the management for better control and monitoring. Software is no longer a luxury for multi-location parcel business where real-time information plays a key role. Efficient tracking of consignments and reconciliation of Proof of Delivery can take care of the customer-company interaction. Central monitoring for faster complaint resolution helps the employees in dealing with irritated customers. Many a times the effective tracking of waybills can reduce the consignment claims by 50% or more. Secure remote client management applications are available which allows consignor and consignees to engage in self service and thus reducing the company’s cost of serving the client.

Software application integrated with GPS machines on the trucks can fetch the actual figures on route optimisation, fuel usage, consignment tracking etc on your desktop or smart phone. For more convenience of the business owner there are options to avail information at the smart phone finger tips.

Day to day business operation analysis and reports can be accessed through the Management Information System (MIS) which will help in making a better decision. MIS is dedicated to give the owner, insights on branches, trucks, trips, customers, delivery centres, operations management, trans-shipment points etc. Companies can  be assured of ROI from ERP software if they properly follow the procedures and implement the right practices. Affordable logistics ERP software is available in Indian market that assures return of investment in an expected time frame. SA-FMS, Freight Management System from Software Associates offer software applications for small and medium sized parcel logistics companies, which is also available on rental basis.

Duleep Sahadevan: Duleep Sahadevan, Managing Director, Software Associates Information Technologies, has EEPSM Advanced Post Graduate Program in Strategy Management and eEPM Advanced Marketing Management  from Indian Institute of Management. He has over fourteen years of industry experience.
He can be reached at: duleep [at]



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