Velodyne Lidar announces Puck 32MR for Autonomous Systems

Velodyne Lidar, recently introduced the Puck 32MR sensor to address key markets in the autonomous industry. The company claims that this product will offer a cost-effective perception solution for low speed autonomous markets including industrial vehicles, robotics, shuttles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The Puck 32MR bolsters Velodyne’s portfolio of patented sensor technology, delivering rich perception data for mid-range applications. In addition to featuring Velodyne’s patented surround-view perception capability, the Puck 32MR claims to have a range of 120 meters and a 40-degree vertical field of view to enable navigation in unfamiliar and dynamic settings.

Velodyne claims the new sensor has the capacity of generating a high-resolution point cloud with minimal noise in all light conditions, and detects crosswalks, curbs, vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and obstacles for safe and e?cient operation in roadway, commercial and industrial use cases. Along with outstanding perception performance, this sensor delivers reliability and durability in a compact form factor.

Source: Press Release


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