Veoneer to Manufacture Thermal Cameras Award for Autonomous Vehicles

Veoneer, a company focused on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Collaborative and Automated Driving, has been awarded a production contract to manufacture thermal camera for a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. Veoneer’s engineering will be funded by a ‘world-leading’ automaker to handle conditions of low visibility including darkness, smoke, sun and headlight glare.

This Level 4 autonomous driving system will employ multiple high-resolution thermal cameras to enhance safety for the mobility-as-a-service market. The system uses narrow and wide field-of-view thermal cameras to enhance the detection of pedestrians, animals, vehicles, motorcycles, bicyclists, and objects to complement the capabilities of other sensor technologies. The start of production is planned for 2021.

This latest thermal sensing system is built upon Veoneer’s 4th generation night vision system which uses a high-resolution thermal camera plus advanced analytics to detect pedestrians and animals on the road at night, warning drivers of potential dangers in total darkness and other low visibility conditions. Thermal cameras can sense very small temperature differences to differentiate objects from their surroundings at extended ranges under all lighting conditions.

Veoneer is a leader for night vision systems for automotive applications, available globally on more than 40 vehicle models. Its 4th generation night vision system will launch in 2020.

Source: Press Release


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