Vishal Saraf, talks about eZTrack – vehicle tracking solutions at SCMC

Vishal Saraf
Vishal Saraf

Vishal Saraf  is CEO at SCMC Private Limited & Director at eZTrack Telematics. He holds a B.E. in Computer Engineering and a MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Manila.

 1.       Can you brief our readers about the eZTrack Telematics at SCM?

eZTrack Telematics is a leading global provider of M2M solutions and services. Our Intelligent Application and Data Platform, eZTrack, works with a wide range of devices, equipments, smartphones and sensors with a choice of global network connectivity options including GSM, CDMA and Satellite.

We offer the next generation GPS-based vehicle and fleet management solution providing customers with the real time information of their mobile assets. The system ensures at all times vehicle visibility & substantial improvement in the efficiency of vehicle operations, greater workforce productivity, lower fleet operating costs and better customer service. eZTrack Telematics serves over hundreds of customers with thousands of vehicles running on its platform. The system is user-friendly, scalable, and customizable and can be adapted to any fleet size depending on customers’ need.

2.       Can you share with Telematics Wire readers about your offerings for vehicle tracking industry?

We have been working on tracking systems for more than 5-years. This experience has given us a wide exposure to build domain knowledge across industry verticals and build a deeper understanding of pain-points of our customers. Therefore, we have knowingly tried to differentiate ourselves by offering customized business solutions that help them to automate their business processes. We have built extensive expertise wherein we can easily integrate our solutions with other third party applications and ERP systems. We have developed simple data adapters that allow seamless exchange of data between our platform and any disparate system(s). Our ready-to-use applications on our platform for customers across vertical can be implemented quickly and within shorter time-frames.

eZTrack Telematics offers a wide range of solutions for vehicle tracking industry like GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System. We provide Implemented tracking solutions across industries on all types of vehicles. Some niche solutions are RFID-based Tracking System for BPO(s), Schools and Corporate; Android-based Mobile Secure / Unsecure Vehicle System, Missed-call Vehicle Immobilization / Mobilization System

We also provide Asset Tracking System for heavy vehicles and water vehicles, Fuel Monitoring and Management System, Temperature Monitoring and Management System, solutions for Driver Behaviour Management. Currently we are focussing on offering Insurance-based Telematics solutions to customers in the immediate future.

3.       From which industry segment you are having demands for tracking solutions?

We offer our solutions across markets and industries. This includes Transportation & Logistics, Education, Distribution, Healthcare, Building & Construction , Financial Services, Catering, Retail, Security and Public Sector Organisations.

Some of the segments with higher demand for tracking solutions are logistic companies, car-rental companies, ambulances, school buses, heavy-equipment companies etc.

4.       Can you brief our readers about eZTrack- Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the telematics solution?

Our strategy regarding eZTrack and our approach to offer the Platform as service is based on our aim to offer our customers end-to-end enterprise-wide M2M services and solutions ranging from Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management, Asset Tracking to Remote Industrial Monitoring. Our smart & sophisticated communication and data platform can meet the growing challenges of ever increasing devices added into our ecosystem. Our platform is agnostic and can work with a wide range of M2M hardware from a variety of manufacturers.

We have architected our platform to ensure we can offer a wide range of business applications using all possible devices, equipments, sensors, smart phones etc. For example we have successfully implemented tracking of police vehicles and motorcycles to running a container tracking application to delivering an Integrated Inventory & Asset management using barcode & RFID devices. We are also offering a unique RFID/GPS/GRPS based e-lock system for securing trucks carrying LPG cylinders. We will soon be running a tank monitoring application on the same platform. Thus, the aim is to have platform so robust, scalable and customizable that we can successfully offer a wide range of business applications and solutions across verticals that are customized and conform to the requirements of each and every industry and vertical.

5.       Do you think there are any impediments in the growth of telematics industry in India?

The telematics industry in India is still in its nascent stages. If you look at the adoption, it is still very low. There are a number of reasons which haven’t allowed accelerated growth of the industry. This includes the use of sub-standard quality of devices in tracking implementations, poor quality of service and support rendered to customers, very low emphasis on customizing solutions to meet business needs of customers, presence of fly by night operators whose aim is to make quick bucks by offering sub-standard Chinese devices at throw-away prices. Such operator have no regards for ensuring the tracking implantation are sustainable and help automate business processes of clients. Many customers have burnt their fingers working with such fly by night operators and have bought bad name for the industry.

All the players in the industry need to put in a lot of emphasis on educating the users and businesses. The emphasis on standards, quality of service and the need to use quality devices to derive business results need to be communicated to customers at all levels in our daily interactions, at forums, conferences and exhibitions.  Implementing tracking solutions is not just about installing devices. The industry players have to ensure tracking solution implementation is backed by highest quality of service & support rendered after the implementation.

6.       What are the future plans of eZTrack / SCMC Pvt Ltd for India?

The industry is projected to grow at around 23% between 2013 and 2018. We are growing at a faster pace. We will continue to focus on providing highest quality of tracking solutions to customers across industries.

We will continue to build on our domain expertise across sectors and vertical. Working in close associations with our customers, we will continue to customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses from each industry, introduce newer business functionalities and integrate newer technologies, devices, sensors etc. to expand the footprints of our solutions. We will continue to expand our geographical presence and set up newer sales offices in territories where we see traction.

Internationally, we are aiming to expand our presence in Middle-East and South-East Asia.

7.       What according to you is the future of automotive telematics in India?

The future is very bright for automotive telematics. There are a lot interesting things happening in telematics industry. Newer technologies are being introduced. We are already experiencing a lot about “Internet of Things”, Connected Cars, Driverless Cars, Data Analytics, Location-based solutions & services etc. that all will have significant positive impact on the industry. Further, with advent of 4G/5G technologies in the near future here in India, the automotive telematics industry is going to become very exciting industry to be in. We are really looking forward to it.


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