Volkswagen Group Research and KUKA signed a new cooperation contract

Volkswagen Group Research and KUKA have signed a new cooperation contract and thus deepened their strategic partnership in the area of service concepts for vehicles of the future. KUKA AG provides intelligent automation solutions and is a manufacturer of production plants in the automobile industry.

CEO of VW, Matthias Müller (left), Head of R&D at the Volkswagen Group, Ulrich Eichhorn (right), and the CEO of KUKA AG, Till Reuter (middle)

Some initiatives of the research collaboration are:

  • To develop robot-based innovations for all-electric and autonomous automobiles.
  • The new cooperation links up with an existing joint research project looking into the collaboration between human and robot.
  • The e-smart Connect project includes a solution for charging high-voltage batteries of electric vehicles produced by the Volkswagen Group. This involves a KUKA robot independently connecting up the vehicle with a charging station in a specially developed application. The driver simply has to position the electrically powered automobile in a designated parking space.
  • Development of other concepts for innovative applications in the new strategic partnership.

The Volkswagen Group is planning a strategic e-mobility offensive, some of its plans are:

  • By the end of 2018, more than ten new electrified models will be launched on the market.
  • A further 30 models will follow by 2025. These will be all-electric battery-powered vehicles.
  • Porsche will manage the ongoing expansion of infrastructure for quick-charging stations.
  • A vision for autonomous driving of the future with the “Sedric” concept car.

Audi recently has established Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH for self-drive systems. This company is carrying out work for the entire Volkswagen Group.


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