Volvo’s 100 self-driving cars to be part of Uber’s fleet

Uber has ordered 100 self-driving Volvo cars to be a part of its fleet. An 18 wheeler self-driving Volvo trailer was seen driving from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs and the truck equipped with cameras and sensors was owned by Otto, a company recently acquired by Uber. This truck led to the news that Volvo’s 100 self-driving cars would soon be a part of Uber’s fleet.


This news made headlines as in August Uber had signed a deal with Volvo regarding the purchase of 100 cars by the end of the year and those cars were to be fitted with Uber’s autonomous technology. The cars are built on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture, the same platform as its XC90, S90, and V90 cars.

Uber’s small fleet of self-driving Ford Fusion cars has been shepherding a select number of passengers around Pittsburgh since early September, but so far Uber has declined to discuss the progress.

The cars have “Uber” stenciled on the sides and an array of cameras and sensors on the roof like a jaunty hat.



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