WaveSense to demonstrate its GPR technology at CES2019

WaveSense has announced its participation in the CES 2019 where it will demonstrate its ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology for self-driving and autonomous vehicles.

WaveSense enables navigation for self-driving vehicles by creating and tracking against subterranean maps of roadways using ground-penetrating radar.

The company builds a fingerprint of roadways, mapping and tracking against unique geologic patterns underground. Unlike the constantly changing visual landscape above ground, this subterranean data is static, providing a guide that’s always available for self-driving vehicles.

Self-driving vehicles using WaveSense can navigate in snow, rain, fog, poor/no lane markings, and other common but challenging conditions created by surface dynamics, where technologies like lidar, radar, GPS/INS and cameras are unreliable.

The company’s core technology is exclusively licensed from MIT where it was originally developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory for military applications.

The company has several pilots underway with leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive and technology sectors and recently closed a $3M seed round led by Rhapsody Venture Partners.

Source: Press Release


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