Waymo had lowest disengagements followed by GM Cruise

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) each year requires companies with AV testing permits in the state to report on their disengagements. These reports indicate how well a self-driving car is doing its job.

DMV this year has also published its annual disengagements report according to which Waymo had lowest disengagements followed by GM cruise. Apple had far more frequent disengagements, and Tesla did not test any of its autonomous vehicles on public roads in California.

Waymo in blog on Medium informed, “Across the millions of urban miles we’ve driven on California roads, our disengagement rate dropped to 0.09 per 1,000 self-driven miles in 2018 (or 1 disengage per 11,017 miles self-driven). It’s a 50% reduction in the rate and a 96% increase in the average miles traveled between disengagements from the previous year (which had a rate of 0.18 disengages per 1,000 miles, equating to 1 disengage per 5,595 miles self-driven). That drop happened while our vehicles were driving a lot more California miles: 1.2 million miles in the state in 2018, more than tripling our 352,000 miles in 2017.” The company further said “A lower rate of disengagements shows that our cars are getting better at recognizing and handling a wide variety of driving situations.”

For GM Cruise a safety driver needed to take over once every 5,205 miles and Apple has 871.65 disengagements per 1,000 miles driven.


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