Waymo Teams Up with AAA to Educate People on Self-Driving Technology

Waymo recently teamed up with AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah, Mothers Against Driving, The Foundation for Blind Children, The National Safety Council, and other like-minded organizations to launch Let’s Talk Self-Driving. This campaign aims to educate people about how self-driving technology can save lives and make roads more inclusive by improving independence and creating new mobility options for everyone.

“The partnership with Waymo and many other notable like-minded organizations in the Let’s Talk Self-Driving campaign is a critical addition to our efforts in advocating for our Members and educating the public around automated driving technology,” says Ignacio Garcia, Vice President, Autonomous Vehicle Strategy for AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah. “Over a century ago, AAA led America’s transition from the horse-and-buggy to the motor car. Our goal now is to again be the public’s trusted advocate for self-driving cars, especially focused on safety.”

AAA has also created a School Safety Lesson Plan as a free downloadable resource that grade school teachers can use. As part of that effort, AAA partnered with Waymo to develop a Lesson Plan module about self-driving cars that encourages students to think about ways to make driving safer and how autonomous vehicles can reduce unsafe behavior such as texting and eating while driving.

Source: Medium


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