Waymo testing its own autonomous truck technology

According to some reports, Waymo is testing its own autonomous truck technology. The company is exploring how technology developed by it in the span of eight years works on integrating it into a truck. Waymo has said that it aims to reduce the deaths due to truck accidents and safety is the main concern behind it moving into this sector.


As per reports, so far the company is testing only one truck and the testing is taking place at its private track in California. The road test will follow later this year in Arizona. The reports further say that a test driver will be at the wheel at all times during the testing.

Looking at the bigger picture it can be seen that Waymo and Uber are emerging as fierce rivals. Uber through the acquisition of Otto last year, had forayed into this sector, so the Google spinoff too has decided to enter this segment trying to deny any kind of edge to Uber.

We all are aware of the rift between the companies as Waymo sued Uber and Otto in February, claiming that the companies were benefiting from the secrets stolen by Levandowski, who at the time the suit was filed was heading Uber’s self-driving vehicle R&D. Moreover, Waymo is also collaborating with Lyft, rideshare rival of Uber for bringing autonomous car technology to the market.



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