Waymo to launch self-driving taxis in Phoenix, says report

Waymo is going to launch self-driving taxis in Phoenix if a report by is to be believed. However, a driver will be sitting in the car to take over the control if anything goes wrong. If this happens to be true this would be the first commercial application of self-driving technology by the company.

Waymo to launch self-driving taxis in Phoenix
Waymo to launch self-driving taxis in Phoenix

A number of companies are working on ride-hailing service using autonomous cars. Uber and NuTonomy have already demonstrated this capability at one time or other. It is also not the situation that the car is free from technical issues, according to the report by the site the car is still facing difficulty in making left turns into traffic, the problem goes acute in the absence of left-arrow for guidance.

But such application has more legal and ethical issues rather than technological issues. It is a highly debated topic that who would be responsible if an autonomous car gets involved in an accident or a crash. There are also ethical dilemmas to solve that who the car saves, the passengers or pedestrians if any such situation arises before it. The place, therefore chosen by the company–Phoenix–makes sense as it as the lanes and the intersections are simple there and also the legal environment is quite lenient.

It needs to be seen when and how the self-driving taxis are launched and what would be the response of the passengers to it. It is all accepted now that the days are not far when such taxis will be the norm by as the things start unwinding there are a lot of issues that are to be solved.


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