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CoPilot Truck 8 Professional for XataNet

Orlando: Fleet optimization software providers Xata Corporation and geo-logistics and navigation software company ALK Technologies has announced the launch of CoPilot Truck 8 Professional for XataNet.

The navigation product, integrated with XataNet, features ALK’s updated PC*Miler 25 routing and is available on a wider range of hardware platforms. The CoPilot Truck 8 Professional for XataNet was unveiled during the Truckload Carriers Association 2012 Annual Convention.

The navigation product, CoPilot Truck 8 calculates truck specific routes without using mobile communications or off-board computers and providing the most accurate, quick access access to offline highway and street-level digital maps. If the driver deviates from the pre-decided route, then the navigation product instantly generates voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions. Other features of CoPilot Truck 8 include:

  • Lane Assist: Delivers real sign post information synced with lane indicator arrows for accurate guidance on which route to take.
  • CoPilot Clear Turn: Offers accurate view on the approach to difficult intersections and highway exists.
  • Updated PC*MILER 25 Routing: It comprises more than 3.5 million commercial truck restrictions and allowances like bridge heights & clearances, load limits, weight limits and allowances, left hand and dangerous turn restrictions, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations, truck service spots, etc.
  • CoPilot Truck 8 Professional is usable on Micronet’s CE-504 and CE-507 in-cab touchscreen devices

Xata provides real-time critical information on vehicle and driver performance, which proves out to be helpful for fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers to monitor the data for initiating cost-effective remedies, increase safety and compliance, and boost customer satisfaction. Xata’s products offer an industry wide logistics management solution by merging enterprise software, on-board computing, real-time communications and global positioning.




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