Yandex to conduct self-driving car tests in Tel Aviv

Yandex has obtained permission from the Israeli Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety to operate its self-driving car on public roads. The car is now officially approved to operate in autonomous mode with a safety engineer in the driver’s seat.

Following extensive public road testing in Russia and most recently, in the US, this new location marks the third country where the company is testing its self-driving vehicles.

In Israel there are several favorable dynamics that make it a prime location to continue developing self-driving technologies. In addition to being a leading tech hub with high-quality roads, Israeli cities have a highly developed infrastructure that makes the country an ideal location for testing.

The launch in Israel will further test scalability and expand the car’s capabilities in new environments. In the last year in Israel, Yandex also opened up a Tel Aviv branch of the Yandex School of Data Analysis to offer a one year career advancement program in machine learning and launched Yandex.Music AI-powered music streaming application.

Most recently, this month the company’s ride-hailing service, Yandex.Taxi was launched in Gush Dan and several other regions of Israel under the new international brand, Yango. Introduced in 2011, Yandex.Taxi currently operates in 15 countries across CIS, the EU, and Africa and it runs the R&D division for Yandex self-driving.

Source: Company Blog


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