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Yutong Bus to use Nokia Siemens Networks’ telematics applications

Yutong Bus to use Nokia Siemens telematics
Yutong Bus to use Nokia Siemens telematics

Nokia Siemens Networks has signed a contract with Yutong Bus company Ltd, to provide a machine to machine (M2M) service platform and develop various telematics applications. Telematics applications enable exclusive services such as emergency response, fleet management and remote diagnostics for Yutong buses leading to transport services.Its one of the applications aims to allow Yutong Bus monitoring center to analyze vehicles remotely and subsequently arrange for a mechanic to repair the vehicle, automatically providing the correct replacement parts. A further application will conduct remote analysis of vehicle data to proactively detect and fix issues before they impact bus efficiency or performance. Telematics will also enable automatic emergency response, allowing the driver to call for help with the single push of a button inside the vehicle, in case of an emergency. As a result, customer service center can be alerted with GPS coordinates and emergency services can automatically be dispatched.

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