Zenuity gets nod for hands-off self-driving tests on public roads in Sweden

Veoneer’s joint-venture for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving software, Zenuity, has got approval for self-driving tests on public roads in Sweden.

Veoneer designs and manufactures products and solutions for active safety, autonomous driving, occupant protection and brake control, and Zenuity is a joint venture of automaker Volvo Cars and Veoneer in the automated driving technology space.

Transportstyrelsen, the Swedish Transport Agency, has approved that Zenuity, the joint venture between Veoneer and Volvo Cars, to conduct tests with self-driving cars on Swedish highways. The tests will be done by trained drivers, with their hands off the steering wheel at a maximum speed of 80 km/hour.

The routes that have been approved are E4 between Stockholm and Malmö, road 40 between Jönköping and Gothenburg, and E6 between Gothenburg and Malmö.

Source: Press Release


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