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3Dtracking adds route visualisation and optimisation to its telematics service platform

3Dtracking, a global telematics platform provider, on 25 September 2019, announced that the company has added new visualisation and analysis tools for optimising routes. These new tools have been added to the dispatching model of the Guernsey-based company’s telematics service platform.

These visualisation and analysis tools help fleet managers optimise routes and manage costs. For each planned dispatching order, the 3Dtracking platform maps and displays the optimal route taking into consideration travel requirements, such as distance, planned stops, fuel consumption, time and vehicle characteristics and capacities.

Real-time monitoring of dispatching orders and configurable alerts are also now available in the dispatching module of the 3Dtracking platform. These alerts can be used to notify fleet managers on the progress of a dispatching order and specific events, such as an early arrival, late departure or aborted journey.

“Being able to optimise delivery schedules for an entire fleet based on highly granular details and then monitor real-time performance against a planned schedule, allows fleet managers to minimize costs and remove much uncertainty from the operations of their fleets or vehicles,” stated Roydon Michael, Head of Business Development at 3Dtracking.

The company explained that for its telematics service provider partners in India using the 3Dtracking platform, these order dispatching and route optimisation tools can be leveraged as competitive strengths to differentiate their fleet management service offerings. The company also highlighted that Indian telematics service providers can also use these enhancements to offer a value-added service for route optimisation.

Source: Press Release


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