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ACEINNA launches Open-Source Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor

ACEINNA, a provider of sensing solutions, has announced its new Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor. Applications for IMUs include determining the direction in a GPS system, tracking motion in consumer electronics.

Named OpenIMU300RI, it is a rugged, sealed-package, open-source, nine-degree-of-freedom (9-DOF) inertial measurement unit (IMU) for autonomous off-road, construction, agricultural and automotive vehicle applications.

ACEINNA’s precise positioning solutions are MEMS-based, open-source, inertial sensing systems that enable easy-to-use, centimeter-accurate navigation systems for the autonomous revolution.

According to the company, this new open-source IMU will allow engineers to easily optimize an attitude, navigation or other algorithm for their vehicle/application and run it in on the IMU.

ACEINNA’s isolated current sensor product family is based on an AMR technology that enables accuracy, bandwidth and step response in a simple, cost-effective single-chip form factor. This minimizes communication on the bus and frees-up their processor to do other things, or to even use a less expensive processor.

The IMU or processed IMU data can be used for many applications including keeping a cab level, returning an arm to a specific position, keeping a bucket stable while traveling, locking out control for safety applications, supplementing GNSS data to keep a tractor on course, etc.

Source: Press Release


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