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ABAX releases Driving Behaviour

ABAX has released “Driving Behaviour” that enables business to monitor and improve how drivers use each vehicle day-to-day, which can increase efficiency and safety.

Driving Behaviour employs an algorithm to determine how the ABAX unit is mounted to the vehicle. When the unit accelerometer reaches a certain threshold, it sends a message to the ABAX system that analyses the data and create a harsh braking, harsh acceleration or harsh cornering event. Based on these events, Driving Behaviour creates a score for each driver. All this is achieved through the existing ABAX Triplog unit, which means no extra hardware is necessary.

Key driving events are also logged in our Google integrated map. If there was for example an incident of hard braking, one can see exactly when and where that event occurred, and ask the driver for more information.

The tool takes a summary of key driving performance factors to create a score for each driver. This allows you to quickly visualise and compare poor driving trends and apply targeted training to the areas that need it most. This optimises fleet performance and reduces the frequency of accidents.

The advantages of ABAX Driving Behaviour:

• Reduces fuel, servicing and insurance costs
• Reduces accidents by highlighting and training poor driving trends
• Operates a safer and greener fleet
• Saves money by optimising fleet performance
• Pinpoints accuracy of key driving events logged in a digital map

Source: Press Release


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