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AVLView.com, cloud based vehicle tracking system is now offering no cost starter version

Singapore: AVLView.com is now offering a free version of its fleet automation cloud platform. Fleet owners are invited to try out AVLView.com, the only all-in-one fleet automation system, to maintain fleet records, receive reports, maintenance reminders, and streamline their vehicle operations for free. AVLView (http://avlview.com) is developed to help fleet owners to regain control over their fleets, drivers and expenses by providing powerful, easy to use and low priced fleet automation system on amazon cloud.

With an easy-to-use interface that has been painstakingly designed, vehicle tracking, GPS tracking, maintenance alerts and driver response are combined into one simple system to make fleet tracking simple and easy to maintain. Once the system has been implemented, it monitors the fleet on the owners’ behalf. There is no longer need to monitor each vehicle constantly as AVLView.com’s innovative system monitors every aspect of the fleet, saving owners and managers valuable time.

AVLView.com’s integrated platform tracks drivers’ actions and delivery deadlines, the exact location of the vehicle at all times, and reminds operators when maintenance and service need to be completed on the vehicles. Automated alert systems let owners know if there are traffic accidents, missed deliveries, speeding problems and break ins or theft. By regaining control of their fleet, business owners find that they cut losses and save money, often within just three months.

By combining the many complicated aspects of fleet tracking into one complete system, AVLView.com takes the masses of data needed to efficiently run a fleet and makes it easy to track, report and understand. With no software to install and no network to maintain, the system can be quickly and easily set up to be used almost immediately.

Starter plan user can upgrade to Basic/Pro at any time to enjoy real time tracking. Starter plan basically helps to “test drive” the software prior to committing. Users at all levels can get records and vehicle maintenance reminders via SMS/Twitter/email.

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/Vehicle-tracking/Fleet-Automation/prweb11226104.htm



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