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CalAmp announces GPRS, HSPA and CDMA based wireless devices for fleet management

Oxnard, United States:  CalAmp announced  the addition of three new GPRS, CDMA and HSPA wireless communications products for Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. Along with reliable, market-leading wireless data communications, these new products bring Bluetooth® wireless technology connectivity and advanced crash detection features to CalAmp customers to enable a variety of local fleet management and vehicle usage-based insurance (UBI) applications.

With Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode technology, CalAmp’s latest Location Messaging Units (LMUs) support both classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy modes to simplify local area connectivity with a broad set of peripherals such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, as well as sensors, key fobs and other accessories, making them particularly suitable for an extensive range of applications. CalAmp’s patent-pending highly sensitive triple axis accelerometer technology enables more accurate monitoring and measurement of vehicle status and driver behavior events like hard braking, hard acceleration and collisions. Additionally, CalAmp has introduced optional advanced crash detection sensors and features that further enhance collision detection reliability and reduce response times.

Each product employs CalAmp’s pioneering PEG™ on-board alert engine and processing environment, as well as PULS™, the company’s industry-leading over-the-air device management and maintenance application.

With LMU variants supporting key global cellular wireless technologies and the exciting new capabilities described above, CalAmp’s latest wireless data communications product portfolio includes:

  • LMU-2130™: Economical unit for fleet management and vehicle insurance market applications, it is equipped with a fixed harness, multiplexed serial port and three I/O ports.
  • LMU-2630™: A flexible, professionally installed product for fleet management, this product incorporates extra-sensitive GPS technology, a powerful processing engine and either internal or external antenna options that enable the device to be installed virtually anywhere, easily and inexpensively.
  • LMU-2730™: Extends the LMU-2630 feature set to include the ability to host third-party user applications. Customers will be able to develop their own fleet management user apps to run within the PEG environment that can be downloaded over-the-air using the PULS system.

With Bluetooth connectivity, these products are tightly integrated with CalAmp’s recently announced MDT-7™ Android™ OS tablet that can be used to provide a simple and powerful vehicle display terminal to enhance various mobile solutions and applications.

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