Fleet Management

Cobra launches telematics product for asset management


Cobra has launched an asset management product named Cobra Asset Control. The system contacts the registered user automatically via text or email as soon as an accident occurs (called a First Notification of Loss) with a summary of the time, location and vehicle details, taking the responsibility from the driver. The system operates out of a standard telematics black box and fitting involves around 30-40 minutes of vehicle downtime.

Three versions of Cobra Asset Control are available, the most advanced of which can ‘lock down’ the vehicle’s engine by stopping the crankshaft from moving. The system can also work as a security measure to alert operators if vehicles are moved in unauthorised times and places.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director, Cobra, said: “Fleets that come back to a depot at night can set the lock down to operate at certain times of day. A fleet manager would get an alert if a vehicle is moved outside of a certain area.”
Source: http://www.businesscar.co.uk/news/2013/cobra-launches-asset-management-security-system



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