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Connexion Media launches cloud-based connected vehicle service called Flex

Published: November 17, 2014 | Melbourne, Australia

Connexion Media launches of a new cloud-based connected vehicle management service, known as Flex which enables users to manage an entire fleet of vehicles from a central control point using cellular mobile connectivity. It provides tracking information to the control point to enable key performance indicators to be assessed including customised reporting.

The service is currently being trialled in vehicles in Melbourne and Adelaide with Connexion planning to commence final BETA testing in the coming weeks. Connexion has also launched, the official Flex website, and is inviting prospective customers to register now to participate in the final BETA testingThe company is planning to make Flex commercially available in Q1 2015. Connexion Media will be charging Flex customers on a subscription fee basis for contracts covering 12, 24 or 36 months, with the fee to include hardware equipment, cellular communications fees, access to a dynamic web admin portal, and ongoing support.

Key capabilities of the Flex fleet management service include tracking a range of real time and historical data covering vehicle location, distance travelled, fuel consumption, battery life, engine performance and absolute and average speeds travelled; monitoring driver behaviour; and instantly sending notifications and alarms to vehicle owners and fleet managers.

Working Description

The Flex hardware required for each vehicle is a small device that connects to the vehicle’s OBD-I I port, which is standard on most vehicles manufactured after 1996. The hardware has direct access to the vehicle’s central computer system and can directly access a wide range of important vehicle data information instantly. The data is sent to the Flex cloud service through a 3G network connection, where it is analysed and made available to the vehicle owner or fleet manager on the dynamic Flex web portal.

Source: Connexion Media




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