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Dorset Police adopts Airmax fleet management system for risk and cost reduction

Published: May 30, 2014| United Kingdom

Dorset Police will be extending their Airmax-based fleet management system across the majority of its operational fleet.

The Airmax system is an advanced approach to operational fleet management, combining vehicle CANbus and ESCAN data with 1 metre accuracy GPS location data. The resulting report suites delivering detailed information on not just where vehicles are but also how the vehicle is being driven, the ID of the driver, faults developing on the vehicle and EDR (Event Data Recorder) standard incident and collision analysis.

Paul Chick MBE, head of transport for Dorset Police, said: ‘having both used and assessed alternative systems, the adoption of the Airmax system represents a major step forward for Dorset in terms of operational fleet control, risk and cost reduction.’

Airmax have tailored the Dorset Police dashboard to give managers a snapshot and overview of increases/decreases in specific driver behavior, trigger areas such as speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, over revving and long idling events and crucially, the resulting costs together with an environmental footprint of fleet Co2 output. A vehicle health check is also achieved via real time receipt of vehicle fault codes.

The Airmax system is installed with other UK police forces and fire & rescue services and is about to begin trials with one of the biggest NHS Ambulance organisations in the UK.

Source: fleetnews.co.uk


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