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eDriving/IDS merger leads to formation of eDriving FLEET

Published: May 4, 2016 | London

eDriving FLEET  formed following the recent acquisition of Interactive Driving Systems (IDS) by eDriving, was launched recently.

Merger Momentum

The eDriving enterprise, which supports more than 700,000 fleet drivers registered on Virtual Risk Manager (VRM) in 97 countries, using courses in 45 languages, is a full suite of driver training solution.  This includes a forthcoming closed-loop solution combining telematics, incident history, driver records, interactive contextual online content, and virtual coaching services with licensed instructors to improve driving behavior and lower risk.

Talking about momentum around the eDriving/IDS merger, CEO Celia Stokes stated, “We knew our combined mission of providing best-in-class solutions was both compatible and promising, but the level of progress we’re making right out of the gate with eDriving FLEET as our newly evolved brand in the fleet space is exceeding all expectations and uniquely positions us for continued success and global growth.”

“We’re especially proud of the milestone this year’s conference represents.  Our exciting future was reflected both in the content we presented to our clients and the positive feedback and enthusiasm surrounding our go-forward plans and innovative product development strategy,” added Ed Dubens, EVP of eDriving FLEET.

Product Pipeline

Prototype of edriving’s closed-loop telematics-enabled driver training platform is expected to launch later this year. This mobile-based virtual coaching product offers a compelling choice for corporations, contract drivers, insurance companies, consumers and even other telematics service providers, who are interested in measuring behaviors behind the wheel and changing those behaviors through the closed-loop measure-mitigate-compare-remeasure loop

Source: eDriving


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