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Geotab launches its OBD fleet management solution with O2

Published: July 22, 2015 | Toronto, Canada

Geotab announced that it has launched its OBD fleet management solution with O2 in the UK. O2 is adding two new GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions to their Fleet Telematics portfolio based on Geotab’s solution: the O2 Track and Go and O2 Smart Tracking, which will help companies reduce operational costs, enable real time remote vehicle monitoring and monitor driver behaviour. Telematics is now a must-have for all organisations looking for the most accurate data about their business vehicles. O2 Track and Go and O2 Smart Tracking can help fleet decision makers achieve significant operating efficiencies.

The solutions, which include Geotab’s plug-and-play device, offer real time fleet management and the ability to develop a number of alerts, notifications and review vehicle trip and activity reports. Advanced features also include on-board diagnostics through engine indicators to provide feedback, such as engine failures, or an in-depth engine fault code diagnosis; detect accidents and retrace potential cause of the accident; and allow add-ons such as a navigational device, NFC driver ID key, sensors and more.
The technology will serve verticals such as car rental, leasing, courier, beverages and utility fleets to improve their on-road productivity, on-road safety, and ecological efficiency, in addition to optimizing fleet performance to reduce fuel costs. Fleet managers will gain more intelligence across multiple vehicles giving them the data and insights needed to make more informed business decisions in real-time. Furthermore, drivers will have more insight over their individual vehicles.

Source: O2



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