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GPSTrackIt launches device to ensure driver accountability


USA: GPSTrackIt has unveiled a small device the size of a flash drive for bringing a new level of accountability to fleet drivers. It provides a tool for timekeeping that will help the backoffice by verifying driver timesheet information.

The device has a 16-digit code, or hex number, associated with it. The number is embossed across the face of the device. That number is the device’s electronic signature.

It also helps out in the back office when it comes to verifying time cards. When the driver uses the key fob to identify themselves, it also registers a ‘clock in’ on the system’s time clock. Drivers use the key fob at the end of their shift to ‘clock out’. If a driver forgets to clock out, the clock-in by the next driver automatically clocks the previous driver out.

Eddie Ramirez, GPSTrackIt’s Product Manager, said: “The device itself is simple. Each device is an electromagnetic ‘key’. The driver must seat the face of the key in a receptacle wired into the vehicle’s electrical system so that it can be read.”

“When the key fob is seated in the reader the system checks the hex number encoded on it. It uses the key number to identify the driver. This enables fleet managers to have multiple drivers assigned to the same vehicle, optimizing their use of fleet resources. And it increases driver accountability – reports can be run to evaluate the behaviors of specific drivers.” Bermudez continued.

Source: http://gpstrackit.com/gpstrackit-introduces-driver-key-fob-to-aid-in-timekeeping-driver-accountability/


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