Fleet Management

I.D. Systems’ vehicle management system to power Audi trucks


USA: I.D. Systems has received a series of follow-on purchase orders from Audi AG to expand deployment of I.D. Systems’ PowerFleet Vehicle Management System on industrial trucks at Audi’s flagship manufacturing plant in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Alexander Glasmacher, I.D. Systems’ Managing Director, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), stated that, “We are gratified that Audi is again expanding its use of our Wireless Vehicle Management Systems (VMS) technology. We see this expansion as a reflection of the ongoing value that PowerFleet has for Audi in its efforts to make its material handling operations safer, more cost-effective, and more productive.”

Source: http://www.id-systems.com/news/Audi-Expands-Use-of-IDSY-VMS.asp


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