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inthinc Technology issued U.S. patent pertaining to asset monitoring


USA: inthinc Technology Solutions has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,350,696 from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) entitled “System and Method for Defining Areas of Interest and Modifying Asset Monitoring in Relation Thereto.” The patent includes 13 claims describing a method for tracking assets by defining a geographic zone and applying different asset monitoring parameters when the asset is inside the zone versus outside the zone. inthinc now retains eight U.S. patents in its portfolio with more than 30 others pending in the US and multiple foreign jurisdictions.

inthinc has put this patent into practice in the form of its proprietary smartZones feature — an enhanced GPS-based technology that allows fleet managers to draw boundaries around customized regions for easier fleet administration and safety monitoring. As an integrated feature of the inthinc’s waySmart fleet management solution, inthinc smartZones enables fleet managers to assign specific attributes within a created zone that map to their companies’ policies — including speed limits, seat belt use and idle time allowance. Drivers that violate assigned attributed receive an in-cab verbal warning are given a 15-second grace period to correct the behavior. Violations that go uncorrected are reported to the online-based inthinc.com Fleet Management Portal.

inthinc Chief Executive Officer and patent inventor, Todd Follmer, said: “We are excited and honored that the USPTO has recognized our innovative efforts with this patent. We have worked hard to ensure that fleet managers are allowed to customize our solutions to fit their needs. The ability to set different monitoring parameters for different areas is frequently requested by our customers and we are pleased to be able to provide that unique service for them.”

Source: http://www.inthinc.com/company/news-releases/inthinc-technology-solutions-inc-issued-us-patent-nos-8350696


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