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iTRAK delivers VFSM service for better fleet management


USA: According to a recent news, iTRAK Corporation has made available its iTRAK Virtual Fleet Support Manager service. This service will allow iTRAK customers to use one or a group of expert iTRAK employees who will help to cost effectively manage many of the functions associated with the iTRAK GPS tracking system and fleet management related logistics.

As in news, this service will provide customers standard or custom reporting, management of alerts and geospatial features such as geofences and landmarks, and monitoring the status of vehicles and tracking devices. The Virtual Fleet Support Manager can also help manage grouping of devices for analysis and supervision by customer associates, reassignment of vehicles, and online review of overspeed and idle alerts, which can help to reduce overall fleet fuel consumption. The professional Virtual Fleet Support Manager (VFSM) team can also help to set up and manage some of the more advanced features of the system, such as maintenance reporting, updates to the cloud-based fleet vehicle or asset database, as well as the online driver database.

As per the source, additional reminder alerts such as tag and insurance renewal can also be setup and supported as needed. Regular status reports will be provided to iTRAK VFSM customers; the iTRAK team can also provide additional consulting on how their fleet and tracking technology can be further used to optimize fleet efficiency and reduce overall operation costs.

Craig Gooding, director of sales, iTRAK, said: “Many of the successful fleet based companies we provide services to have reorganized for higher efficiency. As they have subsequently grown many have been lacking the needed bandwidth to oversee or process some of these advanced technical but vital logistical-related activities. By using our Virtual Fleet Support Manager service, we can help bridge this gap for the customer; while the customer can focus on using the information the system generates in order to help improve their business. They can also be certain that an expert is helping them to use all the features of the system to get the maximum value out of their investment in fleet management information technology. This includes immediate use of new features as soon as they are available.”


Source: iTRAK Corporation



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