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MapmyIndia ties with Le Passage To India to provide real time fleet tracking on map data

Published: December 23, 2014 | New Delhi, India

MapmyIndia has tied-up with Le Passage To India (LPTI), an inbound tours & travel company to provide solution for real-time vehicle/fleet tracking on map data. Users can know the location, speed, route etc of the vehicle from a smartphone or a connected device anytime, anywhere. The product is equipped with battery back-up that ensures operation in-case of disconnection. If need be, the user can also remotely immobilize the vehicle.

“Being a leading premium travel services provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that each tourist is safe, taken care of well and goes back to home country, happy and satisfied. We are happy to deploy MapmyIndia tracking as it addresses most of our needs. The benefits are already showing, irritants like driver not reporting on time or deviations in the agreed itinerary like missing a destination or a tourist spot, have come down drastically. Apart from enhancing efficiency, with MapmyIndia tracking on board, we feel a bit more assured that our esteemed clients are safe under our charge.”- Inderjeet Mujoo, Senior Vice President, Le Passage To India

MapmyIndia Tracking, key features

  • INDIA’S ONLY TRACKER with house number premium maps
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone
  • Waterproof Device
  • Internal Battery Backup
  • Motion Sensor for accurate tracking
  • Immobilization to safeguard your vehicle from theft
  • SMS/ Email Alerts – Over Speeding, Vehicle Entering/ Leaving an Area, GPS/ GPRS Disconnection, Vehicle Entering/ Deviating from a Route, Engine On/ Off, Vehicle Idling, Auto Current Location Update Get SMS/
  • Location fetch through SMS
  • Route deviation alerts
  • Highly accurate Distance Calculation to get accurate mileage readings
  • Mark ‘Areas’ and color coded ‘Places’ on the map with your customized address name for better understanding of vehicle location. ALERTS/ALARMS
  • Get highly accurate, map linked reports for your vehicle daily/ weekly/ monthly over email automatically

Source: Mapmyindia


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