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PSA Group launches Free2Move Lease, aims becoming a major worldwide player in mobility services

PSA Group has launched Free2Move Lease, a Business Unit dedicated to Multi-make Full Service Leasing.

Free2Move Lease, the 4th largest leaser in France with 200,000 cars, offers multi-make, full service leasing to business customers of all types, from small business to large corporations, through the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands dealer networks.


Thanks to Free2Move Lease, its business customers can let their employees enjoy an easier mobility experience, through a wide portfolio of services related to leasing, fleet management  as well as new services to be launched gradually:

A connected fleet management service called Free2Move Connect Fleet. It uses live, accurate vehicle data from an onboard telematics unit to help reduce the fleets’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
A carsharing system for corporations named Free2Move Fleet Sharing. It allows simple and easy sharing of pool cars, therefore reducing employees’ travel expenses such as taxi rides.

With an existing fleet of 50,000 connected cars using these services, these services offer proven means to make professional mobility easier and reduce costs. Free2Move Lease is already operating in France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, before expanding to other European countries.


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