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Raven announces a suit of new features

Raven has announced a suite of new features and capabilities, from facial recognition to connected security advancements and more.

The new updates will be unveiled next month at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, and will integrate a number of technologies (dash cam, in-vehicle monitoring, GPS and more) into one device.

Raven with its new capabilities claims to transform any vehicle with an OBD port into a connected vehicle, improving driver security and increasing overall productivity.

Primarily targeted for the fleet management market, Raven’s new capabilities include:

— FacialRecognition– Raven detects drivers and passengers via facial recognition, making it easy to customize reports by a specific driver, and identify unauthorized occupants. Receive an immediate alert if any of the faces are new or unrecognizable.

— Dispatch Messaging – Send short messages to display directly on Raven’s screens, eliminating the distraction of a cell phone and ensuring timely communication.

— Geofencing Technology and Tracking – Establish important zones and receive notifications if drivers enter or exit.

— Mobile and Web Fleet Monitoring – Monitor all fleet vehicles from a phone, tablet or computer via both mobile and web apps. Get alerts of key events like dangerous driving, speeding or collisions.

— Wi-Fi Hotspot – Stay connected while on the road with in-vehicle internet browsing.

— Robust Telematics & Reporting– Raven continuously records data collected from its various capabilities and features to create a rich store of information for custom reporting, as well as sends notifications when vehicle problems are detected.

— All-in-one Advanced Security and Connectivity – Always-on security monitoring safe-guards vehicles from break-ins, theft, hit-and-runs and equipment misuse.
• Smart sensors detect when something happens to your car or if there are any vehicle issues, triggering an immediate notification.
• Be alerted immediately if a break-in or security breach is detected by enabling automated security incident phone calls.
• Live video to cloud provides the security of ensuring that important video information is captured and stored safely to be viewable at any time.

Source: Press Release


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