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Tata Motors and Microlise join forces to bring commercial fleet telematics solutions in India

Published: September 11, 2014 | India

Tata Motors has signed a multi-million pound 5(FIVE) year contract with Microlise to integrate fleet telematics solutions into its entire range of commercial vehicles. Microlise will supply the company with in-vehicle hardware and a web-based portal to allow Tata Motors customers to manage their transport fleets efficiently and safely. Micolise’s products enable customers to reduce operating costs and environmental impact by maximising the efficiency of their transportation.

“We as Tata Motors wish to lead the shift towards electronic control of drivelines and other vehicle systems. We also wish to harness the power and potential of such a digital approach by introducing advanced telematics and fleet management services.We firmly believe that this association has the potential to transform the way commercial vehicle fleets are managed in India.”- Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director (CV), Tata Motors

Tata Motors launched the Tata Fleetman Telematics and Fleet Management services brand in India two years ago, in response to growing market needs for better fleet control and greater fleet utilisation. With features like real time fleet tracking, sms Alerts, Geo-fencing and trip management, Tata FleetMan helps fleet owners increase productivity and profitability of their transport business. The service carries an annual subscription charge and will be marketed through the Tata Motors commercial vehicle dealer network.

As market leader, Tata Motors recognised while basic services served transporters well, it needed the right partner to meet customers’ needs for more sophisticated and technologically complex applications. Along with the introduction of service products in these areas, the partnership with Microlise will also start ongoing development of the new Tata Fleetman system, addressing future needs of the logistics and transportation industry.

Microlise Indian Delegation (clockwise from left) – Product Strategy Director Matt Hague; Operations Director Simon Bewick; Director of Product Stephen Watson; Director of Programme Delivery Trevor McGahan and MD Nadeem Raza

“The new Tata FleetMan system will not only address the requirements of Indian transport companies today, but will continue to deliver future features and functions, to meet ever increasing demands that will be placed on transport operations. It will be based on the Microlise platform that is currently installed in over 150,000 vehicles around the world and used by some of the biggest transport and logistics companies like DHL, Tesco and Carrefour.”Nadeem Raza, Managing Director, Microlise

Some of the advanced Fleet Telematics applications and services planned for introduction by the partnership include:

Emergency SOS: A panic button will be provided in the vehicles through which the driver can send an SOS message to the transport owner in an emergency.

Trip management: A versatile tool to track and evaluate individual vehicle trips in real time against a standard in a multi-level, multi-user framework. Trip management helps achieve significant improvements in fleet utilisation and reduction in communication costs and idle times.

Driving assessment: Since drivers are the most important resource factor of transport operations, the driving assessment solution continuously evaluates drivers on a range of parameters impacting safety and economy. Suitable consultancy and retraining is then employed to improve overall fleet economy and safety record.

Vehicle health management: A solution which can only be deployed in the new age electronically driven vehicles, vehicle health management helps in remote monitoring of a vehicles health including quick fault detection and rectification before it can lead to consequential failures. It also generates information on maintenance and fault trends which is invaluable for product planning and warranty cost reduction measures.

Source: Microlise


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