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Teletrac Navman expands its fleet management platform with DIRECTOR

Published: July 20, 2016 | Glenview, Chicago

Teletrac Navman has launched its software platform, Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, which is now available worldwide. The platform tracks assets and collects valuable data to meet a range of business needs and to drive productivity for customers.

Renaat Ver Eecke, President, Teletrac Navman, said:

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our global product, DIRECTOR. The dynamic new platform offers capabilities that cater to a variety of market needs in regions around the world. The data provided in DIRECTOR empowers businesses with the information they need to efficiently manage their fleets regardless of where their operations are located.

Offering fuel use tracking, messaging and routing, along with driver behavior analysis tools and concise reporting features, DIRECTOR helps businesses reduce operating costs. Its signature safety module, called Safety Analytics, scores driver performance based on company priorities and replays unsafe driving events to aid driver training. The dashboards accumulate information to show trends that would otherwise go unseen, giving companies the insight they need to succeed.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

Paresh Nagda, Chief Technology Officer, Teletrac Navman, said:

DIRECTOR brings data about vehicles’ location and activity, workflow and forms, real-time maps, maintenance alerts and safety into a single screen to serve as the nerve center for a fleet’s operation. This versatility, further enhanced by advanced capabilities such as vehicle diagnostics, visual dashboards and comprehensive reporting empowers businesses with unparalleled information about their assets and work in the field.

This platform is a web-based application for fleets in a variety of industries, from long-haul transportation to construction in markets from North America to Europe, Australia, and Asia, and is scalable to regions around the globe.

The company is also developing the electronic logging device (ELD) feature, set to launch in early 2017. The feature is designed to help businesses easily comply with federal regulations while still allowing them to focus on their core business strategies. The engineering team behind DIRECTOR took the ELD Final Rule into account when creating the Dashboards feature, which provides Hours of Service (HOS) information on an individual and fleet-wide level.

Source: Teletrac Navman


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