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Telia Connected Vehicle makes vehicle and fleet management more efficient

Telia has announced the launch of a new service, Telia Connected Vehicle, to make vehicle and fleet management more efficient, help promote more environmentally friendly driving, and enable fuel consumption to be reduced by up to 12 percent.

Telia Connected Vehicle is built on the Fältcom platform that was originally developed and proven in the public transport industry. It is also an open platform that enables transport and logistics operators to consolidate their own and third party applications.

In the wake of new network technologies, like 5G, enabling new intelligent solutions in e.g. trucks and warehouses, Telia Connected Vehicle provides a vendor-independent IoT ecosystem for the optimization of heavy traffic. In trucks connected to the service, each driver will have one display in the cabin, making it possible for them to monitor in real time the truck’s fuel consumption and receive different type of information regarding the vehicle and traffic information. This information will also be shared in real time with their operation center to enable optimised fleet management.

New services are brought to logistics operators where majority of services are IoT-based and can be updated over the cloud. According to the company the deployment is also easy and simple.

Source: Press Release


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