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The Miles Consultancy(TMC) and Barclaycard launch Fuel+card app to manage fleet costs

United Kingdom: The Miles Consultancy (TMC) and Barclaycard Business Solutions have today launched a new product, Fuel+, which could help companies cut an average of a quarter off their business fuel costs1 by improving the way they manage fleet fuel expenses.

Fuel+ is designed to help both drivers and fleet managers, and combines a fuel expenses Visa card with a mileage capture and audit system, developed by TMC. The Visa card, with chip and PIN security, allows drivers to refuel at almost all petrol forecourts in the UK while the mileage system gives fleet managers complete visibility of their staff’s fuel spend and reduces costs by streamlining and automating processes. Following a successful pilot with 25 corporate clients including supermarket brand Morrisons, Fuel+ is now available to all organisations with large vehicle fleets.

The system works by enabling drivers to log their business mileage simply online, over the phone or via text.  The system then analyses all relevant data including card purchases, mileage stats, distance travelled and even vehicle-specific tank capacity.  It can identify any irregular patterns of spend, significantly reducing accidental or deliberate over-claims.  It also helps ensure accurate VAT recovery, making it simple and easy to reclaim without the need for driver receipts.

“Fuel+ Barclaycards, with chip & PIN security, allow drivers to use almost all filling stations in the UK, including pay-at-the pump sites, meaning drivers don’t have to plan ahead when thinking about re-fuelling.  While fleet managers will find managing fuel costs much more straightforward through the audit and reporting capabilities.”

Source: http://themilesconsultancy.co.uk/new-fuel-plus-card/



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