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TREQr-5- a ruggedized on-board computer for IOT and fleet management applications

Published : 20 October 2016la03638logo

Micronet’s Mobile Resource Management (MRM) subsidiary has commenced shipments of the TREQr-5, a Telematics On-Board Computer (OBC) for IOT and fleet management applications. By the end of FY 2016 Micronet expects to ship more than $1M of this product to a US based global telematics service provider.

First shipments follow an intensive development period concluded by successful acceptance tests conducted by the company and the first TREQr-5 customer.

Using Micronet’s Android powered innovative TREQr-5, MRM and telematics service providers are able to positively impact driver safety and driver behavior, increase fleet efficiency, integrate with the IT and logistic system of corporations and meet federal compliance requirements.

TREQr-5 supports a broad array of real-time, connected applications for verticals where safety and security are paramount including the use of commercial service vehicles, public safety, commuter transportation and other enterprise vehicle deployments.

The fully customizable Open Operating System TREQr-5 connects directly to heavy duty and light duty vehicle CAN bus interfaces, providing access to engine diagnostic data in addition to supporting advanced fleet telematics functionalities including vehicle location and speed, and supporting the interfaces and functionalities required to identify driver and monitor driver behavior metrics like speed, harsh braking, cornering and excessive acceleration. Micronet’s TREQr-5 also provides a secure WIFI Hot Spot enabling the driver and mobile workers to connect multiple smart devices, laptops, and tablets.

“It is gratifying that the launch of the TREQr-5 matches the increasing market demand for driver’s safety, fleet efficiency and regulatory mandate solution. Enabling unprecedented computer power in a compact OBC provides a powerful solution for smaller fleet owners, local commercial and security fleets that represent the largest opportunity in the MRM market. As a result of its unique features we strongly believe that the TREQr-5 will become a ‘best seller’ in a short period of time. The TREQr-5 compliments our comprehensive portfolio of solutions that position us well to increasingly capture business in all MRM verticals,” said Shai Lustgarten, Micronet Chief Executive Officer.


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