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TX-GO – Transics’ latest addition to its on-board computers for fleet management


USA: Transics has introduced the TX-GO, a truck-independent on-board computer for fleet management without a display. An extension to Transics’ existing range of on-board computers, the TX-GO explores a new market segment. The solution is developed for carriers who want to do more than localise their vehicles, yet do not need direct interaction with their drivers. In this way, it helps transport and logistics companies with basic needs to optimise their cost(-effectiveness) and customer services.

The TX-GO smoothly registers positions and the number of kilometres driven. Thanks to its connection with the digital tachograph, the system offers a real-time, at-a-glance view on information like driving and resting times or the tacho’s activity status. Besides, the new fleet management solution enables the remote read-out of the tachograph mass memory and download of the driver card. Moreover, like all Transics’ fleet management solutions, the TX-GO is seamlessly integrated into the TX-CONNECT back office platform, thus allowing all information to be visualised in the back office. This overall view, for example of driving times, allows freight dispatchers to take proactive action and plan transport orders as effectively as possible. TX-CONNECT also offers detailed reporting features. Trend reports help fleet managers chart business performance and optimise productivity and profitability.

Carriers who choose to couple their TX-GO solution to the CAN bus, can also monitor the driving behaviour of their team. The optional TX-ECO MONITOR module objectively assesses the driving behaviour, based on a series of parameters like number of revolutions, idling, speed, coasting, use of cruise control and PTO. By visualising these data in a report in TX-CONNECT, fleet managers in the back office get a clear insight into driving style and fuel consumption. More than reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, this will help lower maintenance costs and enhance safety on the road.

TX-GO is an extension to Transics’ existing on-board computer family. The major difference with Transics’ existing solutions is that TX-GO does not have a display. This makes it the ideal solution for carriers who want more than a tracer, but don’t need direct interaction with the driver or features like the forwarding of planning or integrated navigation. TX-GO will be available from this summer onwards.

Walter Mastelinck, Transics’ CEO, said: “By launching TX-GO, we remain faithful to our mission: help carriers work productively and profitably in today’s competitive market. This new solution is an excellent extension to our existing family of on-board computers. Its integration with our TX-CONNECT back office platform makes TX-GO a fully-fledged fleet management solution that helps carriers with basic needs to cut costs while raising their productivity and level of customer service.”

Source: http://www.transics.com/en/press/2013/154_transics-extends-its-range-of-on-board-computers.html



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